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DURABASE ET-S Composite sealing mat for floors and walls in indoor areas - system tested in accordance with ETAG 022-2 Composite sealing for tile coverings is subject to heavy loads in damp areas. Yet the tile covering itself is not waterproof. Especially on joints with built-in parts and on wall joints, as well as near grout and cracks, water can seep under the tiles and damage the substrate. This is why legislators have drafted strict regulations and work must be carried out in accordance with these regulations. In addition to the various national regulations, the pan-European ETAG certificate has been introduced within the scope of European harmonisation and with it, the requirements have been significantly increased again.

The DURABASE ET-S sealing system developed by DURAL placed the criteria of the 022-2 standard at the very top of the product development specifications. The name already documents this fact: ET-S stands for the ETAG system. After extensive rounds of testing, report number 2.1/13821/1088.0.1-2017 confirmed that DURABASE ET-S had passed all the tests.

DURABASE ET-S can be installed in the tile adhesive layer just as quickly and easily as any other mat system. Special system components are available for different mounting
conditions which enable quick yet standard-compliant installation.
DURABASE ET-S Roll filmMaterial: PP/PE
Colour: yellow
Roll length: 30 m
Width: 1000 mm
DURABASE ET-S Sealing tapeMaterial: PP/PE
Colour: yellow
Roll length: 50 m
Width: 120 mm
DURABASE ET-S external-/internal cornerMaterial: PP/PE
Colour: yellow
Length: 120 x 120 mm
DURABASE ET-S Pipe collarMaterial: PP/PE
Colour: yellow

- 120 x 120 mm D: 10 - 20 mm
- 150 x 150 mm D: 19 - 40 mm
- 200 x 200 mm D: 40 - 80 mm
Polymer adhesive Flex 310 M Classicadhesive sealant, ETAG approved, for DURABASE ET-S sealing system

Colour: white
Cartridge 310 ml
Sealing tape “tube“With self-adhesive butyl-stripe

Material: PP/PE
Colour: yellow
Width: 120 mm
Width butyl-stripe: 19 mm
Roll length: 10 m
DURABASE ET-S for tub jointMaterial: PP/PE; Colour: yellow
With self-adhesive butyl-stripe W = 19 mm

External corner for Wall and floor connection
Length: 150 x 150 mm

Internal corner for Wall and floor connection
Length: 150 x 150 mm
DURABASE ET-S 3D corner shower jointMaterial: PP/PE
Colour: yellow

Length: 100 x 120 mm
Total height: 85 mm
DURABASE ET-S Cut protection rollMaterial: Polyamid/Aramid
Colour: yellow
Total width: 50 mm
Width, cut protection: 40 mm
DURABASE ET-S Sound insulationMaterial: PP/PE
Colour: white, self adhesive
Roll length: 20 m
Width: 30 mm
Thickness: 3 mm