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DURABASE FGT Reinforcing and decoupling mat to improve stability against cracking and the stiffness of critical substrates• Material thickness of only 1.5 mm
• Loads of up to 15,500 N (measurement D = 2.25 cm)
• Adhesive tensile strength of 1.1 N/mm²
• Bending strength of 400,000 cycles at a deflection of 1.8 mm
DURABASE FGT is the latest generation of reinforcement mats, which thanks to the choice of materials and their construction, guarantee maximum strength yet at the same time are flexible enough to compensate for any stress which may occur. This makes it the safe choice for all types of floor coverings that need to be installed on substrates with insufficient load-bearing characteristics. It is suitable for large-format tiles and modern designer floor coverings, for directly glued carpeting or natural stone floor coverings.
DURABASE FGTInstallation on old ceramic tiling
DURABASE FGTInstallation on OSB boards
DURABASE FGTInstallation on cracked floor screed